There is a powerful capacity to communicate through process. By accepting this symbollic form of communication, I remain open to possibility and flexible to the unforeseen. It is within this realm of giving up control, letting go, embracing spontaneity--that my work is nurtured. Sparked by my intrigue into the properties of materials and the preciousness of action, I am attempting to abandon traditional methods, seeking for new ways to engage process and object. I challenge the perceived boundaries of the material and the presumed nature of things, relying on metaphor and the properties of interaction, to celebrate the state of fragility, impermanence, and action.

I also am the co-founder and member in artist collaborative Apophenia Underground with Jeff Gibbons. Through curatorial projects, traveling, writing, documenting, digital media, mixed media, and everyday life, we make work.


On Ongoing list of Recent Activites over the past 6 Months

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August: Hot Studio Coordinator, Pilchuck Glass School, Washington

July: Teaching Assistant for Heike Brachlow and Richard Whiteley, Pilchuck Glass School, Washington

June 26-29: Presenter at the EHSM conference, at the DESY super collider in Hamburg, Germany

May 26 - June 30 : Artist in Residence, Berlin Glas e.V. Berlin Germany

May 26-28: Assistant and Gaffer for artist Mona Hatoum, Berlin Germany

May: Permanent Installation: AT&T The Foundry, 7 digital media pieces (an Apophenia Underground Collaboration)

April: Article: Peer into Deep Ellum Windows and See Some Really Cool Art, Dallas Observer.

April 2014: Article: Its Dallas Day, Part 1: Leigh Arnold, BadatSports, Dallas, TX

February - May - Curatorial project: Deep Ellum Windows, a series of curated pop-up exhibitions which has exhibited over 60 artists since February of 2013

February- Solo Exhibition: Red Arrow Contemporary, Dallas, TX

January - Curatorial Project: Red Arrow Contemporary, Negative Capabilities, Dallas, TX (Apophenia Underground)

December - Publication (online): Artconnect Berlin, How I Learn to Love Glass at Berlin Glas e.v., Berlin, Germany

December - Curatorial project: Berlin Glas e.V. - Berlin Becher Triennial -This Life Will Self-Destruct in 10...9...8..., Berlin, Germany

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